Domaine de Montbrillais White
Cave Robert & Marcel - Saumur
Chenin blanc 100%
They are proud to represent their family's third generation of winegrowers. Their grandfather, Maurice Hupon, created the estate. He arrived in the commune 1950 and began to earn a living by threshing grain. He married in 1952 and began working for himself. He also bought a few vines. Their father, Francis, took over from him, assisted by their mother, Michèle. Passionately interested in viticulture, they expanded the family vineyard holdings. When their father passed away, the 2 brothers came to help their mother continue their work at the estate. There are three now to look after 22 hectares of vines. Our family is very tightly-knit and works together closely. Damien is rather high-strung and intuitive. Guillaume is more thoughtful and reserved in making decisions. They each have their different personality, but they complete each other very well
The vineyard estate is located in the commune of ST léger de Montbrillais Some of the Chenin Blanc vines were planted more than 50 years ago. They grow on a thick (6/7 cm) clay soil overlaying a limestone platform. The vines grow on a gentle slope with great sun exposure. The village of Saint-Léger-de-Montbrillais is perched atop a white limestone (tufa) hillock. This stone reflects the sunlight and seems to shine for miles around. In fact the name of the commune is due to this ("mont" and "briller", meaning "to shine"). The houses in the village are mostly troglodyte dwellings. In fact, the galleries and cellars form an underground network of extending several kilometres.
Monitoring the maturity. The grapes are harvested when fully ripe. Gentle pressing and light settling of the must to preserve the aromatic potential. Traditional vinification with fermentation in vats where the temperatures are regulated (63-67°f). As in the past, bottles of wine continue to be stored here under ideal conditions: darkness and a constant temperature of 56° F. The wine is aged on the lees for 4 months with regular stirring. After bottling, it is stored in 25-metre-deep cellars where it ages away from light and variations in temperature
Tasting notes
Pale gold color and silver hues. Charming nose with aromas of ripe fruits (pineapple, crystallized apricot) and mineral notes. On the palate, the attack is round, soft and well balanced with lovely freshness. A beautiful aromatic structure. The long aftertaste reveals subtle notes of mint.
Food pairing
Serve chilled between 50° 54°F. t is perfect as an aperitif or a fine match for white fishes, white meat dishes and even goat’s cheese.
Aging potential
Grape varieties
Chenin blanc 100%
Current and upcoming vintage ratings :
202097 Loire Valley wines buyers' selection
A very attractive pale golden color introduces this stately wine with scintillating aromas of baked quince, dried fern, and lemon curd. The palate’s fresh acidity plays an excellent foil to the wine’s delicious range of fruit.
Loire Valley wines buyers' selection
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GOVERNMENT WARNING : (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems