Fabrice Larochette - Mâcon-Vinzelles
100% Chardonnay
The Larochette family is winegrowers from father to son for generations. The domain stretches over 10.70 hectares of vines, located in southern Burgundy on the slopes of Chaintré. The domain has received approval for a high environmental value. Fabrice Larochette strives to find the balance between tradition and modernity in his wine-making. According to him, the expression of terroir makes the highest quality wines. As the terroir makes the highest quality wines, he made the search for this terroir expression his daily focus.
To the south of the Petite Grosne, the area of Mâcon-Vinzelles extends the vineyards classified as Mâcon-Loché to the north and Mâcon-Chaintré to the south. To the west, the houses in the center of town mark the beginning of the Pouilly-Vinzelles delimitation. ​ Under a southern influence, the climate combines some of the highest summer temperatures with cold and generally rainy continental winters.
Pneumatic pressing. Temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.
Tasting notes
Beautiful pale gold with silver reflections, the white Mâcon-Vinzelles is characterized by its generous fruitiness (stone fruits with yellow flesh such as vine peach, and apricot) and its notes of tangy confectionery. Despite this notable opulence, inherent in the southern influences of its microclimate, it is indeed a dry wine, with a straight start.
Food pairing
Goat cheese or aperitive, grilled poultry or freshwater fish.
Aging potential
Grape varieties
100% Chardonnay
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